Ferris Mower Quick Reference Blade Chart

Find the Mower Blades to fit your Ferris Lawn Mower Deck.

Ferris Mower Blades

Ferris Deck Size

Ferris Flat Nose Deck Blades

(Sold in Set of 3) 

Ferris ICD Deck Blades

(Sold in Set of 3) 

   36″ Deck Blade  5021227S  5101756S 
44″ Deck Blade    5061827S 
48″ Deck Blade  5020843S  5101986S 
52″ Deck Blade  5021227S  5101756S 
61″ Deck Blade 5020842S 5101755S 
72″ Deck Blade 5022476S  5102227S
 It is recommended that you check the blade part number using our Parts Look Up before placing your order.  Some Flat nose decks require the ICD Deck Blades.